Strategy for 15TB NAS and Win 10 desktop

Hi, after a couple of days researching a new backup solution after I finally gave up on CrashPlan (for Small Business version), I think I’ve settled on using Restic (Borg was a close runner-up). Data will be stored in B2.

Just a few quick questions before I do my restic repo init. This is what I got:

A 40TB QNAP NAS which I currently have 15TB of data I want off site, I’m thinking of doubling this to 30TB.
This data is separated 10TB of archive data, and 5TB nas-home directory data.
I also have a desktop computer with 3TB data, and a couple of laptops with less.

Should I put the nas-archive and nas-home-dir data in the same repository or separate repositories?
Should I back up the windows clients to the NAS first and from there have restic put them in the cloud? (It’s not too important with quick restores for me.)

Is it advisable to have those windows machines in the same repo (or perhaps the same repos as the NAS-home-dir) for deduplication?

Or should I just put everything in one giant repo?

Also - if i decide to use multiple repos - is there any point in using multiple B2 buckets for them?


Note that if you start with a shared repo, it is possible to split it later (though the repositories will share the same master key).

If you started with separate repos, it is not currently possible to merge them.