Strategies to receive automatic reports: sending reports by email versus Hooks or other alternatives?

Hello everyone.
I plan to install restic on a client’s computer to test how it works.

So far I know how to install restic and send the report by email. If the backup is daily I would receive an email per day with the description of the backup.

I have read that other users prefer to only receive an alert via Hooks only when the backup does not run for a certain amount of time.

I also tried services like to receive an email when a snapshot is added to a Google Drive folder, but in this case I don’t receive the backup details.

What strategies do you use or recommend?

I like

It’ll let you know when something is wrong and if you include your backup’s log with your ping you can use its dashboard to keep an eye on things:

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Thanks @dsissitka
I will take a look at the second link!