Strange error with tls and docker container

I have an odd situation where I run restic from the restic/restic image works fine on machine a, but not on machine b

the steps taken are

start restic with docker run (using the same command line for a and b) , log into shell

on docker container on machine A
restic -r s3:“<s3_url>”/B1 init
restic -r s3:“<s3_url>”/B1 ls latest

works fine, shows details

on docker container on machine B
restic -r s3:“<s3_url>”/B2 init

Fatal: create repository at s3:<s3_url>/B2 failed: client.BucketExists: Get “https://<s3_url>/B2/?location=”: net/http: TLS handshake timeout

from machine B I can ping the s3_url

from machine A I can start any number of docker containers and create buckets within each no problem

Anyone seen this behaviour, or have any idea what could be going wrong ?

Since it’s reporting a TLS issue, can you try the curl command in verbose mode and see what is says?

curl -v https://<s3_url>/

  1. You can see the difference between the working and non-working container

  2. You can try both inside the container and directly on the host to see the difference

  3. Is the s3 server publicly accessible, or is it a private server with a private certificate?