Storage Doubled When upgrading repo from v1 to v2?


First of all thanks to everyone who supports and maintains Restic :slight_smile:

I was excited to switch to compression for my backups and I upgraded me v1 repo created with Restic 0.12 to v2 on Restic 0.16.2. The repo is about 380GB. Everything went well. I then did the big prune with a prune --repack-uncompressed.

Looking at my B2 Backblaze bucket it says it now has 750GB of stuff in it and I’m confused. 750 seems close enough to 2x 380GB so maybe it is holding a copy of the v1 repo? I did a prune to try and remove stuff and that didn’t change anything. Then I did a stats --mode raw-data and received this from Restic:

`Stats in raw-data mode:
     Snapshots processed:  5
        Total Blob Count:  1864555
 Total Uncompressed Size:  376.723 GiB
              Total Size:  318.966 GiB
    Compression Progress:  100.00%
       Compression Ratio:  1.18x
Compression Space Saving:  15.33%`

So it looks like Restic also doesn’t see the other 300+GB sitting in the bucket. I confirmed that there is nothing else in that bucket.

Any idea why it’s doubling? THANK YOU!

If it helps, here is a screenshot of what’s in the bucket

Check your B2 retention policies - highly likely you keep all deleted files:

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Oh you’re right! I just changed my rules to only keep the latest and I’ll see if that fixes it.

Thank you!