Status & Roadmap

Below is a condensed summary of the current status of things in the project - which current issues we are aware of, what’s being worked on now and what’s on the roadmap for the future. This posting is a wiki post and will be updated from time to time.

Before filing a new issue for a problem, please search the issues on GitHub and review the information on this page, as we will try our best to keep it current and up to date. If you’re lucky, there’s already a notice for an issue you encounter, and you’ll then be able to find the corresponding issue to get more information and if needed add your input to it.

Known issues (currently actively investigated/resolved or generally often raised):

What we’re working on right now:

  • Attending PRs and issues with a focus on trying to make use of the work that’s been done by other people and not have lingering ones lying around.

  • Restructuring and improving documentation.

What we’ll focus on next:

  • Even more performance improvements (besides those that were part of restic 0.10 and 0.11), primarily related to parallelization, small files and high latency backends.

What’s on the roadmap in the long run:

  • Update the repository format, in preparation for additional features.

  • Implement compression, allowing to reduce the size of backups by also compressing files (aside the current deduplication). See #21.

  • Asymmetric encryption, enabling enhanced security and more resilience in certain scenarios, as well as more flexible key handling, see #187.

  • Pull-mode backups: restic process (A) on one machine logs into a different machine via ssh and runs restic (B) locally there, the process B reads the data and sends it to process A, which then stores it into some repository, see #299

What you can do:

  • Make use of the labels in GitHub issues, e.g.:

    • help: good first issue, help: minor complexity and help: wanted are issues where the task isn’t too complicated and where we would appreciate a little help more than usual.

    • state: need triaging is where we’d appreciate help in figuring out the cause of a problem.

  • When communicating in issues/PRs, try to be as short and concise as possible, while still explaining the point clearly, to make the communication as effective as possible.


This is great stuff. I’m happy to see so much emphasis on memory and performance. I love Restic. I just need it to be faster and use less memory for it to be practical (still need to test 0.9!).

This posting is a wiki post and will be updated from time to time.

When you update this, can you post a comment saying so? Otherwise, I don’t think we’ll get a notification that the post was edited.

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Ah, hm. We can try. This post wasn’t meant to be answered to… :wink:

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Just to give some perspective, this article is meant to be a very high-level overview, it’s not something we update more than maybe once or twice a year.