Static url to download latest beta release

Is there an url to download the latest beta release from
E.g. something like
I would like to setup an CI/CD pipeline which also tests against the latest built master and retrieves the restic binary from an url which does not change.

We could build something like that if you want :slight_smile:


This would be awesome. I would have PR’d but it seems like the deployment is not done in the main repo. Just discovered GitHub - restic/beta: Small builder program to automatically compile master :rocket:

I’ve added a symlink for the latest directory and symlinks for all the binaries (here is the code), is that sufficient? It’s live already.

Please be aware that we don’t give any guarantees on API stability or availability, this is strictly “it works as long as it works” :slight_smile:


@fd0 Thank you, this is perfect! :muscle: