Space & memory required for repo


I’m planning to backup a large part of my linux server via restic, and store the repo on backblaze. Does restic need to create a temporary directory/local cache of some kind before pushing the repo to backblaze? For example, if my server size is 50gb and files to back up on it are 35gb, would there be any issues using restic on the server?

Edit: and to add, the vm has 2gb memory. Would there be any issue regarding memory available?


I’m not sure about the RAM requirements (that can be an issue with restic currently), but for local disc space you only need a bit of it for temporarily storing to be uploaded files. That should be less than ~100MiB or so, no matter the backup size.

Ok thanks. I’ll test out the RAM if it’s an issue.

Keep in mind, that currently RAM is consumed proportionally to repository size (not size of data to be saved right now).

So if you’re trying to backup only 35GB of data, that changes quite often and after certain amount of time got ~500GB of repo size, you’ll get much more RAM usage than initially when repo was only ~35GB.

This is also true for multiple machines. If one ‘low-RAM’ machine want to backup only 35GB of data and repo is already 500GB (because more powerful machine uploaded a lot), you’ll also get problem.

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