[Solved] Stats, Stats, scanning

Hey folks

It’s me with the stupidly large Repo again. Well, I have hit a new wall. Backups and Restores still function but Stats, nope.

Any ideas? It’s been close on 3 hours now. Shall I just let it go for another 7 and see if it ever comes back?

Panic over - just took 5 hours:

Stats in restore-size mode:
Snapshots processed: 339
Total File Count: 15714818
Total Size: 7591.794 TiB


It is NAS over 10gib LAN? or you run it locally?

TrueNAS to TrueNAS, NFS, 10Gb.

I mean, the REPO is about 240TB now. It’s about to get a LOT bigger.

If it eventually falls over, I’ll just create it again but split the REPOs. However, I feel quite good about helping you guys out with stats and testing stupid sizes.