Snapshot's path is case sensetive

Guys hi,

I made 3 backups, 1st and 2nd were
restic backup K:\Documents

3rd was
restic backup k:\documents

All 3 backups went fine, but 3rd had notice that no parent was found (fallback to read all), and if i run
restic forget latest --path K:\Documents
snapshot #2 is deleted.

Is it how it supposed to work?

From UX point it’s a bit confusing. If both back up commands were allowed to back up from same directory then maybe it’s better to turn them to same case or ignore case?
(Now snapshots paths are:

Case now commands seem to be case agnostic,
restic -r h:\bups backup k:\documents
works, as well as
restic -r H:\Bups backup K:\Documents

Also meanwhile is there a way to edit snapshots path? (to turn snapshots 1 and 2 to lower case OR 3 to upper case)

Windows 10 pro, running commands from cmd (command prompt)

It might not make sense on Windows but restic was made to work on multiple operating systems. Unix/Linux filesystems are typically case sensitive meaning that /backup/source and /backup/Source are not the same paths.

By default restic uses the hostname and the path to group snapshots. I have changed some backup paths in the past and have therefor started to always add a tag to a snapshot and use forget --group-by host,tags.


Currently snapshots can not be changed once they have been saved.

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Thank you for explanation and “–group-by tag” suggestion.

Do i understand it right that additional benefit to using tags is that while “Currently snapshots can not be changed once they have been saved” we can change tags assigned to them?


Note: Snapshot IDs do change if you add or remove tags.

Got it, thanks.