Snap Package Testing, Notifications, etc


I’m currently the person packaging Restic as a snap package (Linux).

Would people find it useful for me to post here when the package is updated? A call for testing? I don’t want to spam the forum, but it would be nice to get more Restic users involved when pushing out a new version of the snap package.

PS - v0.92 is in the edge (snap) channel. I have been testing, and will likely push to stable tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your work! While I don’t use Snap myself, would it help if I mention it on Twitter that you’re looking for testers?

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It never hurts? It might reach a larger “Restic” crowd. I post off of my Twitter account, however, my followers tend to be Ubuntu Budgie related (and not necessarily Restic users). Do you feel there is any benefit to posting releases here (for the snap)?

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I’ve tweeted about it. I’m not sure if posting each release packaged in Snap here would have much benefit, doesn’t Snap also provide an auto-upgrade command like apt upgrade, so people get new releases automatically?

This is correct (updates) - I meant more so for the call to test the beta releases. But Will just continue as I have been doing.

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Cool, thanks a lot for your work!

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