SMB repo an issue with Go 1.13?

The Restic docs state the quoted text below regarding using SMB as a repo. Sadly, that’s exactly the scenario I had in mind (store the data on my NAS via an SMB share).

On Linux, storing the backup repository on a CIFS (SMB) share is not recommended due to compatibility issues. Either use another backend or set the environment variable GODEBUG to asyncpreemptoff=1. Refer to GitHub issue #2659 for further explanations.

I’m using the restic windows binaries, which were compiled with GO 1.13 (restic 0.9.6 compiled with go1.13.4 on windows/amd64) and how I read the issue it seems to be an GO 1.14 issue? Is it safe to use Restic with an SMB repo in my case?

edit: spelling/reorganize text

“go1.13.4 on windows/amd64” you are neither using Go 1.14 nor Linux. Thus this warning does not apply to you. Oh, and you got the documentation for the current master not for restic version 0.9.6.
The compatibility issue can create trouble for restic write or read from the backup repository, but afaik it won’t cause data corruption.

Thanks for clearing this up for me. I’m indeed seem to have clicked the ‘dev’ docs instead of the ‘stable’ docs.

Bytheway: I was searching for the right backup solution for me and I’m very impressed with Restic, it’s really great!