Simple web interface for browsing restic repos - restic-browser


I released a simple tool to browse restic repositories:

Initial features:

  • Browse backup set
  • Browse merged tree making it easy to spot files deleted in latter snapshots
  • Download directory revisions as zip
  • Scala implementation of restic data structures

This is only an initial attempt and there’s lots of room for improvement but I hope you may find it already useful :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks for restic which is a great tool,


Thanks, man! Indeed it is an excellent tool for searching restic repositories.

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I just released v0.2.0 at Release 0.2.0 · jrudolph/restic-browser · GitHub

Most notably, this release adds support for the v2 repository format including compression and adds ways to browse back-references.


  • Add support for compressed blobs and files (v2 repository format)
  • Allow partly caching of packs (packs with trees will still be fully cached)
  • More efficient zip file creation from trees
  • Add page to browse contents of packs
  • Add “Show” and “Download” links to files and move hexdump to new page
  • Add efficient browsing of back-references (allows to show all paths where a blob/tree is used in a repository)
  • Allow access to raw JSON tree representation
  • Automatically rebuild internal indices when repository is updated
  • Add list of packs at /pack/