SIGUSR1 not reporting status

According to the (very well made) documentation one can get the progress of resitc by sending the SIGUSR1 signal.

“Additionally, on Unix systems if restic receives a SIGUSR1 signal the current progress will be written to the standard output so you can check up on the status at will.”

When I do a kill -10 pid I don’t get any output. I checked, -10 is SIGUSR1. Is this meant to work only if restic was started in a non-interactive console?

I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what that is. Anybody has an idea?

Which restic version are you using? And which command is running? From a quick look at the code, sending SIGUSR1 should work for every progress bar in restic.

Thank you for checking. I hope I did not waste your time. I used:

restic 0.14.0 compiled with go 1.19

restic -r sftp:USER@COMPUTER:/mnt/restic backup --password-file restic-pwd.txt --files-from restic-backup-dir-list.txt

This backups 352718 files and took a bit over 16h. Sender is a current Debian netinst in a Proxmox container, the receiver runs a current mx-linux. The /mnt mounts a smb share.

EDIT: The cmd line shown above is build in a small go program that manages all backups and then run via exec.Command

Which stdout is used for the restic process? Is restic printing to the terminal or to something else? restic won’t output to a terminal if running in a background process group. Other than that, there should be no way to prevent output when sending SIGUSR1 to restic.

I’ve just tested restic backup test | cat - and then sent a SIGUSR1 to restic. That worked as expected.