SFTP with restic 0.13.0

With Restic 0.12.1 all is OK with this command :slight_smile:
restic -r sftp:user@sftp.xxxx.com:/files/Directory backup -v -v -v XXX --ignore-inode

With Restic 0.13.0 (init or backup) the same command return these errors messages :joy:
restic -r sftp:user@sftp.xxxx.com:/files/Test init
enter password for new repository:
enter password again:
subprocess ssh: Permission denied, please try again.
subprocess ssh: Permission denied, please try again.
subprocess ssh: user@sftp.xxxx.com: Permission denied (publickey,password).
Fatal: create repository at sftp:user@sftp.xxxx.com:/files/Test failed: unable to start the sftp session, error: EOF

What’s wrong please ?.

Thanks for your help.

See: sftp backend stopped working after 0.13.0 update · Issue #3692 · restic/restic · GitHub

Thanks for your response.
Searching on the forum I found and tried this :
Tutorial: Backup from Windows with putty / plink to a sftp server

For example : @restic_0.13.0_windows_amd64.exe -o sftp.command="‘D:\Divers\plink.exe’ -s -l user -P 22 -pw Password sftp.xxxx.com sftp" -r sftp:User@sftp.xxxx.com:/files/Testl backup -v -v -v aaaa bbbb --ignore-inode
It works !!! until I get better.
If it could interest someone…
Have a nice day.

We’ve just merged a fix, you could try the latest development version of restic from here: restic beta releases (latest)

Test OK, the only difference is this :
Enter passphrase for key ‘C:\Users\xxxx/.ssh/id_rsa’:
but i presume it’s normal for security access to SFTP site.

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