sftp-repository on removable disk: Backup/restore from two different hosts?

Let’s say I’ve set up an sftp repository on a removable hard disk attached to host1.
Can I still access the repository when attaching the disk to some other host2? Will I run into password/encryption hassle? Are there any rules to be observed?

Scenarios: host1 has died, or host2 lives at a geographically different location without direct access to host1.
In Changing repository location everything runs on the same host.

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It will work the same. You will just need to set up the new host ssh server and give the right permissions to the user you will be using to read/write the repo location. Obviously, you’ll need to change your variables (if any) to RESTIC_REPOSITORY="sftp:new_user@new_host:/path/to/your/repo". I have a repository located in a HDD attached to another host. I always make a copy of that repository to second HDD from time to time, and testing the second HDD in another host works the same as using the main repository.