SFTP keeps asking for password while SSH connexion works fine

I’m trying to backup my files with SFTP.
I understand that to automate the process, I have to use SSH key in order for Restic to log in to my sftp passwordless.
I created my keys, and i’m able to connect to my remote server from my source server using the command : ssh user@myremoteserver without having to provide a password anymore, which mean that my SSH public key is trusted. (And I can find it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys)

But when I try to backup my files with restic, it keeps asking for the sftp password, and I don’t understand why.
The command i’m using is the following : sudo restic -r sftp:user@myremoteserver:BACKUPS backup apps --password-file=restic-password and it results in "user@myremoteserver’s password: " prompt.

On my source server, if I try to use sftp user@myremoteserver it also prompt for password, but if I leave it blank it will end up connecting with ssh, but will not using restic : “user@myremoteserver’s password: subprocess ssh: Permission denied, please try again.”

I have no idea what to do

When you execute restic via sudo, the root user’s ssh key is being used!

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And I guess it’s a bad behavior to use the root user for automation, so I beter change my folders permissions, right ?

I guess that’s a matter of personal taste but whatever user does the backup, they must have an ssh key that works.

Depending on the target server you’re using, I can also highly recommend checking out rest-server which is very fast and offers a feature where you can set it to “add only” mode which is a basic barrier for malware messing with your backup.

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I will check that ! Thank you

instead of root you can use capabilties