SFTP Backup Canceled; any chance to repair it?

Hi there,
I just started out with restic; Trying to create backups from a Windows10 Device in 2 locations:
1.) External HDD of 1 TB space
2.) Strato HiDrive of 1 TB space

I’ve created a few test backups and they all went on OK, so I started for “The Big” one:
330GB from my external SSD; bitlocker Encrypted to HiDrive.

It all went smooth for the first 100GB, then I had to restart my laptop because of an unrelated issue.
So, I pressed Ctrl+C and got an error; something like “Error: Cancel Handler was interrupted” (Sorry, I forgot to copy that one -.-)

I restarted the Laptop and executed the same command as before; hoping that it updates the Snapshot/ continues with it.

Unfortunally it looks like I have 4 snapshots that all sum up to 33GB and no snapshot associated to the other 100GB.

Question: Is there a chance to fix that thing; e.g. by copying some Restic files from local to the Server or do I have to redo all the 100GB?

Is it more reliable once a full repository was created?

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

Allthough I can’t be sure I don’t think that this error message was something critical.

Are you sure that the extra snapshots you see aren’t from test backups made before?

Normally interrupting a backup and continue it later isn’t really a big deal. Never hat problems with that. As long as it isn’t finished it’s just that it is not listet in “restic snapshots” but it continues where it stopped before without any problem.

Hi betatester77,
yes, the other snapshots are from the previous tests; that’s all fine.

I got the message “no parent found, listing files”. Currently running a backup to my external drive instead (holy sh*t is that thing fast :slight_smile: ), afterwards I will try if I can continue the other one. It looked to me like it restarted.

There’s nothing you’ve said so far that stands out as broken. What makes you think something is wrong? Just run the same backup as you initially started for those 100 GBs and restic will send only the data that it hasn’t already sent to the repository. It’s expected that it says no parent snapshot was found, that’s all fine :+1: Once that 100 GB backup is done, you’ll get a snapshot for it, and that snapshot will be used next time you run the same backup command.

Alright, I let the program run over night and now have already uploaded 218GB with a storage usage of 207GiB on my cloud server; so, I think rawtaz is right and there was no problem.

My fear was that - if I just restart it even though it doesn’t find a parent - I waste 100GB and storage which I cannot get back.

But looks like everything is fine :slight_smile:

Maybe we should adjust the warning “no parent snapshot found, will read all files”?

It sure wouldn’t hurt… Maybe add " to determine changes" or something? Do you have another suggestion? We should try to not make it much longer.

I’m sorry for my late answer. Yes, “to determine changes or continue backup” might be a good solution here.