SFTP and Btrfs compression

Given Oracle Cloud is giving away 200GB of block storage, I’m about to set up a VM running openSUSE MicroOS (which uses Btrfs by default, which supports transparent compression).

Has anyone tried this setup?

  • on the remote side, use a subvolume mounted with zstd compression with a reasonably high setting
  • on the local side, pass -o sftp.command="sftp -C" (or configure it in ~.ssh/config)

The repository created by restic is encrypted, thus compression at the filesystem level won’t have any effect.


Yeah, good point. In my cursory test Btrfs decided the files are not compressible, this saves me trying with q larger dataset, thanks.

@michel That said, see Compression support has landed in master! :smiley:

Yup, saw it! I’ll wait until it is released on all the platforms I use then copy my backup repo to the new format

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