Self-update not available 0.8.3 nor .9.2

Thought I could just install from ubuntu repo (which is 0.8.3)
and the run
restic self-update
put apparently that version does not have that feature?

restic self-update
unknown command “self-update” for “restic”

if so what’s the easiest way to get latest on ubuntu bionic (sorry but not going to add testing or unstable as it add acess to many unwanted packages). Got a ppa?

looks like new version .9.2 in cosmic with same dependencies as bionic so
downloaded deb and installed

sadly self-update not there either.

restic self-update was added in 0.9.3.

Note that this command writes to argv[0] which means that if you invoke it as restic (using PATH searching) then you’ll get a binary named restic in the current directory. You have to invoke restic using the full path to get proper in-place upgrading, e.g. /usr/local/bin/restic self-update.

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For the record: This is a bug and only present in restic 0.9.3, it’s resolved in 0.9.4.


Ah, I assumed it was a limitation. Good to know I don’t need the workaround anymore.

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