Self-update fails: unable to remove target file

Trying to get the new version via self-update fails on me:

C:\Temp>restic self-update
writing restic to C:\_h\bin\restic.exe
find latest release of restic at GitHub
latest version is 0.9.5
download SHA256SUMS
download SHA256SUMS.asc
GPG signature verification succeeded
Fatal: unable to update restic: unable to remove target file: remove C:\_h\bin\restic.exe: Access is denied.

Current version is restic 0.9.4 compiled with go1.11.4 on windows/amd64 on Win7 64bit

Directory and file C:\_h\bin\restic.exe are owned by the same (domain) user running the self-update command.

I can do the update manually easily, but any ideas what might be going wrong here?

I opened an issue about this on GitHub.
The current implementation just doesn’t work on Windows.

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