Scale out repository


I have a Onedrive subscription. ( 5 accounts 1to quota per account)

I have Two accounts “unused” ( 3 people in the household use OneDrive)

I want to backup my photo collection using restic.

How should I design the backup to be able to use the second onedrive account once the first is full ?

Is there a way to configure something like “RAID-0” for cloud storage ? ( splitting a repository on multiple backends) ?

I would have the same requirements if I decide to use storage oriented rented servers (
Once the first is full I’d need to data to overflow on a 2nd one …

How would it be possible ?

Thanks in advance

This is nothing you can manage or set up with restic itself - You would have to write your own logic/programm/script for that.

Honestly, I would believe that OneDrive would email you when you’re about to hit their storage cap.
Once you are about to hit that you just change your script that points to the backend to a new account.


I could do like you say… the only drawback is that it would re-upload all my photos on the new backend ( dedup will loose its usefulness) and restore would be very complicated …

to be more precise, my current plan is to store the restic repository on my nas ( using sftp protocol) then push the restic repo to onedrive thanks to rclone.

I’ll study the restic internal repo format and try to find a way to spread the restic repo content on several rclone destinations…

Now that I think of it, having a way to “chunk” the repo content under the main repo dir could be a handy feature

It sounds like you want an easy way to do something that is very complicated in order to optimize your budget and save just a few dollars. Honestly, it doesn’t sound economical.

I would recommend just having one repo that you replicate to other places with rclone.