Safely removing locks from anacron processes


I’m just starting with restic, and I very much like what I see.

I’ve set up an os x laptop to backup to a linux server, and I’ve done this successfully over 90 times. 12 times however, the process has left a stale lock, and I am guessing this is when the laptop goes to sleep during a backup.

These locks do not prevent backups, but they do prevent automated “restic check” commands.

Can I use “restic unlock --tag” to only remove remove locks from a specific client?

More generally, what is the safe way to unlock in a network with multiple clients?



You could try to use a software like caffeine to prevent a client from sleeping during backups.

I dont’ think there is a save way to remove locks from multiple clients without knowing if they are active. Your best bet would be to prevent stale locks and running checks and prunes during a specific time window when clients are inactive.

Thanks! A time window is a good idea. Another way would be to only remove locks from the laptop being backed up. But that would require a way to remove individual locks, not all locks. I may be able to do that with a script (perl, python, or … ).