S3 connection resets

Hi forum ,

I’m evaluating restic at work to backup data to amazon S3. Backup works fine, but restore failed with messages : " read: connection reset by peer" to Amazon S3.

The process finish with a lot of missing files :

Summary: Restored 1807738 / 1812848 files/dirs (148.188 GiB / 148.205 GiB) in 40:13
Fatal: There were 348663 errors

Do you know if there is any way to debug or tune restic ?


Sounds like an unstable connection or something? Have you tried it from other connections that are known to be stable?

See here for information on debugging: Participating — restic 0.16.2 documentation

Adjust restics retry settings --s3.connections, --s3.max-retries, --s3.retry-delay to enhance network resilience during restores from Amazon S3.

restic restore --s3.connections 10 --s3.max-retries 20 --s3.retry-delay 5s <other-options>

@nehakakar Each option needs to be prefixed with -o or --option (see restic options), so e.g. -o s3.connections=10rather than–s3.connections 10`.