Rustic_core - a library giving full access to a restic repository

I’d like to advertise the Rust library rustic_core which allows to use most functionality available in the restic binary (+ some additional features) in your own Rust programs.

rustic_core is the library which empowers rustic and rustic_scheduler. It has been factored out of the original rustic code and just got its first functional release 0.1.1.

As this is a Rust library, it should be not too hard to write wrappers allowing to use it with other languages like Go (e.g. rustgo: calling Rust from Go with near-zero overhead) or Python (e.g. Calling Rust from Python using PyO3) - would love to see some people interested in making such wrappers.

Also looking forward to getting feedback or reports of missing functionality - and, of course, people willing to contribute!