Running ‘restic restore’ on data that is already on the destination: does it get corrupted if canceled mid-restore?

I have a question, I just started using restic and I ran restic restore from my backup to my main machine, except the machine already has all the files from the snapshot. Restic started restoring everything, even with the files being exactly the same. The question is:

If I did the above, and I did a CTRL + C to abort, would the files on the destination become corrupted? Would something happen to the backup? Or would nothing happen and the files would stay exactly the same as the ones in the snapshot?

When restoring to already existing file, it’s not a good idea to interrupt the restore. Files are modified in place and the file permissions are only applied once the restore has completed. Thus, interrupting a restore will likely leave some files in an inconsistent state.

Thanks for the answer. I know this is kind of silly but asking this anyway: does the snapshot / snapshot files change in any way when this happens (CTRL + C while restoring)? I’m assuming it only reads the files but I’m not sure.

restore doesn’t modify the backup repository.

Ok, thanks for your time!