Running backup via cron - can't see it's state

I can see it running via top - this one I didn’t run with --verbose.

But I saw that there was a kill sigusr1 I could run, but that seemed to do nothing anywhere - does that still work, and do I need to be running --verbose to see anything?

Hi :wave:

You can redirect the output while running via cron. How about something like:

$your_restic_command > /output/file/wherever/you/like 2>&1

So the process would be somehow trace-able?

Also it can be useful to set the RESTIC_PROGRESS_FPS environment variable. For example, set it to ‘0.1’ to have a progress update logged every 10 seconds. Otherwise long backup runs can look pretty quiet in stdout (or the file you redirect it to) if you’re at verbosity level 1 (--verbose) or below.

Personally I prefer using a systemd timer, there you can easily see logs via journalctl, though restic with verbose easily floods the system and journalctl drops lines.

Whoosh…the sound of that one going over my head.

I’ve tried adding the logging and fps variable so far.