Rsync restic repository from server to local machine using different user

Hello, I have seted up restic on my server (hetzner server) using a user only made for restic that I wan’t it to save in my ssh user’s directory.

For now I have managed to create a backup directory in my ssh home userthat I put the repository in and have tried to rsync it but I can’t manage to do it because I get read error failed: Permission denied (13)

I tried using ACL and created an rsync group and used this two command to set acl permission’s for the group setfacl -d -m group:rsync:rwx /home/user/backup and setfacl -m group:rsync:rwx but it doesn’t work and I still get the error.

Is there any clear way of doing this? I wan’t to keep restic running as a different user for security reason’s, but wan’t to be able to rsync the repository to my local machine to keep an updated backup.

getfacl output

# file: config
# owner: restic
# group: restic
group::r-x			#effective:---
group:rsync:rwx			#effective:---

I’m not entirely sure that I’ve understood your setup. It sounds like restic is running on the server using a restic user (or whatever it’s actually called) and stores it’s backup in a folder owned by your user.

By default restic applies limits access to files in the repository to only the current user. If you want other groups to also get access to those files, then you can follow the steps described at Preparing a new repository — restic 0.16.3 documentation .