Root password recovery

I had to recently reinstall my Debian PC which I access my backup server from. I now have to login to my Openmediavault server as root to setup passwordless login. Although I know my repository password, I can’t seem to find my root password. Is there a way to reset or recover it through the web admin or something? Thanks.

Restic is only concerned with the password you use to access the restic repository. Other passwords for other software is something you have to check with other resources or documentation. I would suggest looking in the documentation for Openmediavault or similar. It’s really outside of restic’s domain/context, sorry :confused:

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Ok thanks.

piker: While fully outside the scope of restic, this article might help you with how to reset your root password.

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For OMV help, see

Try using sudo (you’ll be prompted for a password, it’ll be YOUR password), if your account is in the sudo group of course. i.e $sudo su