Restoring block volumes

I am running restic as a kubernetes job and am using the following commands to backup a block device (PVC of type block)

restic -r <bucket_location> init
restic -r <bucket_location> backup --stdin --stdin-filename block_device < /dev/sourceVolume

and I try to restore using the following command

restic -r <bucket_location> dump block_device | dd of=/dev/sourceVolume bs=1000M

I see the backup times are fast around 10 minutes, while restore times with same configuration is around 30 minutes.
Is there any way to improve the restore performance or suggestions to use an alternative to the restore command I had used above

The dump command is not particularly optimized to improve the restore speed for large files, see Increase performance of 'dump' · Issue #3406 · restic/restic · GitHub .

For your use case, I’m not aware of alternatives to using the dump command.

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