Restore Snapshot Selecting restore

I’m in the process of moving a machine. So using restic restores as a method of getting content from the source machine.

I can restore my docker data with a simple restore
restic restore 21ce0dd1 --include /source/Melkor/zdocker --target /mnt/restic

But now I have a folder that I want to restore (docker-data) but exclude certain folders.
I can’t do a:
restic restore 21ce0dd1 --include /source/Melkor/docker-data --exclude /source/Melkor/docker-data/baddata

Is my only option to use multiple --excludes on the restore?
restic restore 21ce0dd1 --exclude /source/Melkor/docker-data/baddata -exclude /source/Melkor/zdocker
to exclude everything from the full backup I don’t want.

restore currently only supports either --include or --exclude flags. But you can use the snapshot:subpath syntax supported by recent restic versions instead:

restic restore 21ce0dd1:/source/Melkor/docker-data --exclude /baddata --target /somewhere