Restore Porblem invalid node

C:\Users\Admin>restic_0.9.4_windows_amd64.exe restore latest --target D:\dir
repository 36aeee00 opened successfully, password is correct
restoring <Snapshot 22310f77 of [\\backup] at 2019-02-04 11:48:25.3485609 +0000 xxt by host\Admin@host> to D:\dir
ignoring error for : invalid child node name \\backup
ignoring error for : invalid child node name \\backup
There were 2 errors

Hello ,

I am unable to restore data backup from a windows cifs shared folder.
Backups work fine but unable to restore anything.

any ideas

Immediate disclaimer: I’m not very experienced with restic, and I don’t use it on Windows.

That said, there’s two things in that output that look strange to me:

  1. Why does it say [edited out] on the command line but [edited out] in the output? (Link of some kind?) [Answered below.]
  2. Why is there an IP number in the path? Is it possible it’s trying to restore the string \\backup as a literal directory name?

I can answer the first I incorrectly masked D:\dirname while posting in the forums Error on my side

Made corrections

This looks like a bug when UNC paths are used for the source of the backup. Can you report that as a new issue on GitHub?

A workaround would be to first cd to the host (if that’s possible), and then use restic backup .

Done here