Restore from mount command not working?

I’m running restic 0.9.4 on Linux Mint 19.1. Following the “Restore using mount” section in the docs [] I am not getting the expected results, and don’t see the problem:

tomc@ANB:~/programs$ ./restic -r /media/tomc/usbHD2-vl1/_restic-bkup/dropbox restore latest mount /mnt/restic
Fatal: more than one snapshot ID specified: [latest mount /mnt/restic]

I’m no Linux whiz, for sure. Maybe this is the issue: When I issued the mkdir /mnt/restic command, while in my /home/{user-account} dir, nothing appeared to happen. Looking for the expected dir, I could see nothing. Looking further, I found /mnt/restic in root! Yes, I’m sure I was in my user account dir when I issued the command.


tomc@ANB:~/programs$ pwd
tomc@ANB:~/programs$ mkdir /mnt/restic/
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/restic/’: File exists

But it doesn’t - not in the pwd anyway.

I have NO idea what’s going on here. When I try to create the mount dir, it goes where it shouldn’t be. When I try to reference it, the reference is mistaken for a snapshot ID. Huh?

Any and all help would be much appreciated. I really need to get this restore going!

restore latest mount is a nonsensical command to restic. Presumably you meant just mount by itself. Looks like you mixed up two different commands (restore and mount).

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First, thank you for the speed of your response. I know of only one other WWW software forum that is as quick and helpful - that for the marvelous music score engraver lilypond. I am impressed and grateful, in part because…

Second, you are right! How funny (and pathetic). Maybe I was in a bit of a panic, seeing that my attempt to load a different desktop into my OS had resulted in the wiping of my home account dir! Yeah…likely. Panic never seems to help us think better. But a good, quick forum response does! Thank you, sir.


We’ve all been there. Panic is the enemy of rationality.

Hope your restore goes well!

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