Restore files only modified and new ones

I was wondering if someone could shed some light on what im trying to do,
Currently we had a hardware failure and luckily i had a backup of our VM, the only issue is that the backup didnt finish so i had to put the day before so the VM would start working, but i do have the most recent copy of the files thanks to restic, my question is how can i restore only the files that were modified or added
I was reading the wiki on the restore but wast to clear from what i understand
the target is the location of where the files are at? but im confused about the path
my original location of files is in /data which i need to restore the backup from restic to replace only old files and add the new ones but dont touch the files that were not modified
Thank you

 restic -r /media/backupnas restore latest --target /data --path "/home/art" --host prometheus
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