Restore Backup to different Folder

Hi there,
I’ve made backups on my old laptop; e.g. of C:/src or of C:/Users/me/Documents…

On my new laptop I’ve created an additional partition; also to share between Windows and Linux.
If I restore from my External Harddrive using restic -r E:/restic restore myCode --target D:/src, a Folder structure D:/src/C/src/ is created.

How can I avoid the C/src/-Part?, so, export to D:/src and D:/Documents

Thanks for your help

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I have also used restic as part of an upgrade to a pc. On the machine you wish to restore the files create a folder. Restore into the folder. The restored files will have the full name and directories and drive names without the colon. If you do not like the names of the folders you will have to rename them manually or write a script or use a mass rename.
For my limited use just moving a few directories around in File Explorer took less than one minute.
I do not know of a rename feature in restic’s restore.