Restore a specified percentage or size in MB from server

With reference to restic restore; does it have a feature similar to backing up a certain percentage of files when restoring from a repository?

The reason I would like to know this is that certain cloud storage destinations like Backblaze B2 offers 1 GB daily free download limit and if a file is larger than that, would it be possible to download just 1 GB or less per day in order to stay within the free limit if the file I am restoring is not critical to my operations?

Thank you

It does not. You’ll have to manage that manually by restoring individual files/folders in your snapshot(s).

You could set a download limit to stay under the 1 GB/day. From the restic manual the following argument can be used:

--limit-download int limits downloads to a maximum rate in KiB/s. (default: unlimited)

You could start a restore with this and monitor the rate to confirm it is working.

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Hi @doscott, thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look at this and update you on how it goes.