Resticctl - profile based backups

Hi all,

After several iterations of writing scripts to manage my restic backups, I’ve written a tool called resticctl that lets me have profile based backups using restic.

Main features:

  • Profiles are simple plain-text files stored in /etc/restic or ~/.restic
  • Profiles and Repositories are configured independently (simpler configuration for sharing repositories between backup profiles).
  • Daily operation is a simple single command (eg, resticctl start my-backup)
  • Maintenance tasks are also simple single commands (resticctl cleanup my-backup to forget and prune, or resticctl forget my-backup to just forget). Retention periods are configured in the profile.
  • Option to start a shell with repository options set in environment variables for manual interaction with backups.

Source code on GitHub:

Would love some feedback if anyone else wants to try it out.

This is very good, thanks for sharing it. I also noticed it has the systemd timer unit files!

You’re welcome, hope it works for you :slight_smile:
There are systemd units in the repo, but the Makefile doesn’t install them (I still have some CentOS 6 boxes that don’t have systemd).