Restic Where comes the name from?

I wonder where the name restic comes from.
Can someone please enlighten me?

Btw, I discoverred restic 2 days ago, I’m very glad to found it. It seems it will replace my borg solution in a time

Welcome to the forum!

The story is rather unremarkable: I needed a name and used a project name generator, restic came up. The name was still free on GitHub and hasn’t been used for a software project before. That’s all :slight_smile:


Oh no, how unromantic!
Well, at least I can sleep peacefully now :wink:
By the way, I found your 2016 lecture very good and the trigger restic to try :slight_smile:


Thank you! Which one was it? The one at CCC Cologne (in German)?

Hm, thinking about it, the “Talks” section on looks very sad, shall we remove the section? Or is it of historical interest?

This one: - restic
I like to watch technical presentations sometimes.
And if it’s about a program that I might want to use, that’s just a good start!
Edit says: the same video you ask for :slight_smile: Better reading next time :slight_smile:

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thanks for the awesome information.

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historical interest! :wink:

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