Restic show version from repo

I can’t find a way that shows me if the repo is V1 or V2.Anyone have a tip for me?

You could use ‘migrate check’ if you know what both outputs must look like.

I rather have in mind an output in ‘restic stats’.

reading repository password from stdin
Stats in restore-size mode:
**Repo format: V1**
Snapshots processed:   1
   Total File Count:   346
         Total Size:   349.058 MiB

restic cat config show the configuration in json. There you have the version field.


It also states the version when you open the repository and have an up to date version of restic (you are in a version lower than 0.14.0 so you don’t see this): repository deadbeef opened (repo version 1) successfully, password is correct

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Thanks for the tips. I have now used ‘restic cat config’ to output the repo version in my own little UI.