Restic roadmap future plans

What are future plans for restic?
I like to know when or not mount option will be avaible in Windows version of restic?

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We’re still interested in the feature. However, the current state of mount support on windows without cgo by fgma · Pull Request #2862 · restic/restic · GitHub is that is needs a significant rewrite. That is, it will be available once someone makes the necessary changes.

I won’t have time to do that any time soon, so unless someone picks up the work, I wouldn’t expect the PR to land before 2025 (yes, twenty-five), and even that is a wild guess, not a promise.


Maybe a silly question, but what are we missing today by not having that feature from the point of view of backups in Windows?

Simple restore just by sync mounted repository in Double Commander or Total Commander.

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Thanks! At this time I’m testing the classic commands and also Restic Browser.

Also Npbackup has GUI option for restore/browse existing Restic repositories (and is a way faster than Restic Browser).

Hi ZeB,

thanks for the hint with npbackup. I wasn’t aware of this possibility (browsing Restic repositories faster than Restic Browser).

Am I correct that there is no possibility to “hand-over” repo and password via command-line. It has to be stored in the *.conf-file (encrypted) and this is only possible via GUI.

You can use command line, for example: “npbackup.x64.exe --config-file=your-config.conf --backup”. But yes, passwords and other repository parameters must be first entered via GUI.

Sorry for a (very) late response, I didn’t see that post.

@ZeB Thanks for mentionning my tool
@RYTD29 I am currently doing a whole GUI rewrite, allowing multiple repos, repo groups with inheritance etc…

I was wondering what you were searching for, is it a simple “read and restore” GUI for restic ?
If so, I could perhaps just add two environment variables (ie NPBACKUP_RESTIC_REPOSITORY and NPBACKUP_RESTIC_PASSWORD), which, if set, would simply allow to browse the repo and restore files. Would that be sufficient ?
Or perhaps a separate GUI which single purpose is browsing restic repositories ?

@deajan Thanks for comming back. I’m just looking for a simple “read and restore”.

I really like what kopia is doing in terms of “mount” for Windows (other things are much better in restic).

Restic Browser is also quite good, but from my point of view way too slow.

Your suggestion with either two environment variables or a separate GUI could solve this.

@RYTD29 I see.
Until restic has a better solution, I will maintain a viewer mode of my app.
Actually, it already exists in 2.3.0-alpha1, but I don’t provide compiled builds yet.*
I’ll report back once that new version is released. Expect it next year :wink:

…I am aiming januray.

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@deajan Great news. Thanks for your effort.

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@deajan Any news on the “viewer mode of your app”

I’m having a hard time finishing the new config GUI since the new inheritance system is quite hard to achieve properly, but indeed the viewer app is finished since two months.
You can directly use it from the current master, or I can quickly compile a Windows or Linux version if you want to try it in a more “polished” way. Just let me know, I’ll happily add some assets to a github release.

I’m now aiming february for a release of the all new shiny npbackup.

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@deajan Thanks for that. To be honest, I would need a compiled Windows version since I’m a “simple end user” unable to compile it myself.

Many thanks.

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@RYTD29 Sorry I didn’t answer in a timely manner.

To be honest, there was a “great disturbance in the force” when PySimpleGUI (the framework I’m using to make the GUI) decided to go from GPL to paid license.
So I investigated my way before continuing this route.

You’ll find a working copy of the viewer at Release v3.0.0-alpha3 · netinvent/npbackup · GitHub
The viewer should not get much modifications, it’s the gui that still needs a bit polishing, but I’m quite close.
Let me know what you think about the viewer please :wink:

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