Restic restore OpenStack Swift : Slow

Hello all,

I’m running restic in version 0.8.3 and i use OpenStack Swift repository .
I’m backing up big file (10G to 100Go per file) and it works great.

But when i try to restore , it’s very slow. about 40-50 Mbits.

I tried to restore file from the Swift repository with another method (python swift client) and i’m going up to 600Mbits

Any idea ?


This is a known restore performance issue. The proposed fix is waiting review&merge You can build restic from the branch yourself to use the fix before it’s merged.

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Thanks for reply ifedorenko

For a feedback:

It works like a charm with the branch : out-of-order-restore-no-progress
Before restore at 50mbits , now restore at 600mbtis