Restic restore of filename/path containing a colon fails

Hi everybody,

I need your help! I need to restore from my backups and having issues because of some files having a colon ( : ) in the name.

I am using debian-linux and the following restore command:

restic restore lastest -r “{s3-url}” --include /var/customers/backups --target /tmp/restore2/

For each file containing a colon I am getting:

ignoring error for /var/customers/backups/mysql-2021-08-09_02:00:01.gz: open /tmp/restore2/var/customers/backups/mysql-2021-08-09_02:00:01.gz: no such file or director

The issue seems to be related to copying the file to the target. If I mount the repo I am able to copy the files using a different name without colon (:).

It would be a huge effort to manually copy each file from mounted repo. Is there any other workaround for this issue?

Which OS and filesystem are you using? Can you try restoring to a different filesystem?

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I am using debian-linux (10 / Buster). Filesystem is ext4. Which filesystem are you suggesting?

Thanks a lot!!! The issue probably was that I tried to restore to a fat filesystem. I was not aware of that, but your comment made me recognize it!