Restic restore: get the latest of 'pattern' for 'host', regardless of snapshot or tag?

I was wondering, my repository has files for multiple hosts and tags. Now, I am on host A and I want to restore a file, but from a snapshot by host B. Scenario: B has died, I am restoring to A.

restic find --host B <pattern>

gives me the files and starts with where they were found:

Found matching entries in snapshot 09df1c68 from 2024-01-15 01:27:59

Which I can use to do a restore from snapshot 09df1c68 with restore 09df1c68 --include <pattern>

Is there a way to do this simpler? Kind of, get the most recent files for pattern,host,tag with host and tag optional with a restore command? Something I am missing when reading the help/docs?

find is the only command that searches for a specific pattern within a snapshot. All other commands only considers the paths that are part of the snapshots metadata (aka. those shown by restic snapshots).