Restic restore failing on large data from S3 with error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by remote host"

I have backed up particularly large amount data approx 100GB on S3. Now, when I am restoring it, the following error is thrown by restic:

`ignoring error for
\C\Users\USERNAME\Documents\foo.txt: StreamPack:
ReadFull: read tcp> wsarecv: An
existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
Fatal: There were 116 errors

: exit status 1`

I don’t know where I am wrong here but let me tell you, it is working when data size is very small. Also it is failing when there are large files in C Drive but when the same files are backed up from other drives, the restoration is fine. Also in C drive, it fails after restoring all file to the directory. It Seems like it is listening to the S3 endpoint even after if it restores all the files. Also the size of the files is same as original backed up size.

What is the output of restic version? What is the repository URL (having redacted any username/password)?

Restic version is 0.15.2 but i have also updated it to latest but the results are same. Also, there is no repo using it on powershell.

Not sure what you mean by that. You do need to tell restic where to store the repository, hence there is a repository URL.

The error looks like the exact same as in Errors restoring with restic on Windows Server + S3 - #4 by MichaelEischer . Are these test documents empty or contain actual/random data?

Most files are generate through fsutil file createnew command, while it also contains some executable files. Also, sometimes one of those .exe files are restored as corrupt. It is showing intermittent behavior. Sometimes,it backups while sometimes it does not.

That sounds exactly like the problem that my PRs in the linked forum thread address.