Restic Rest Server: Configuring Alternative Storage Backends

Hello dear community,

I have a very basic question about the Restic Rest Server:

Is it possible to configure the Restic Server such that it uses alternative storage backends?

My concrete use case is the following: I’d like to run the Restic Server on a gateway host (with limited disk space) and transfer backups received from certain IoT devices (which can only connect to the gateway, but not to other hosts) directly to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

If this setup is theoretically possible with Restic Server - are there any additional considerations (e.g. performance) I should keep in mind? Or is there even a simpler and better solution to my problem (e.g. using mounting the blob storage on the gateway host using e.g. BlobFuse)?

Thank you all in advance,

You can use rclone as Rest Server for restic: rclone serve restic. This opens an HTTP-Interface which you can use locally or remote, if you expose it to an IP address.


Thank you! This looks promising.

Thanks to your answer I now found the corresponding documentation: rclone serve restic

I guess this is what you are talking about, right?