Restic repo structure (pictorial representation)

I’ve summarized restic’s repo structure in this image. Open to suggestions and improvements about the same. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Great work, I think this will help in like giving a one shot understanding :grin:

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Thanks for the figure!

We’ve recently fixed some outdated information in the repository format documentation; you might want to take a look at those: History for doc/design.rst - restic/restic · GitHub . In particular, the snapshots don’t have a dir field and by now pack files are expected to either contain data blobs or tree blobs. For repo v2, it is actually forbidden to mix them.

Hey, thanks for the pointers. I’ll make the changes and upload the latest one.

I’ve made all the corrections. Here’s the updated version!


Too good. Great work!!!

Heyyy Pratt, I wanted to express my gratitude for this post. It really helped me gain a better understanding on repo structure. Thank you!!!