Restic progress stops with B2 (time numbers running but no progress)

It seems like Resitc process progress stops with B2.

ETA numbers do update, and the elapsed time is running, but no other progress and hardly any CPU usage, and no file network traffic for 24 hours.

I am running Restic in a container in a Synology device using GitHub - djmaze/resticker: Run automatic restic backups via a Docker container. so observing the docker with “docker stats” shows me that no outgoing traffic.

It’s been running 14 days now (huge over 100TB repo, and over 2M files). I have done 3 earlier snapshots on this data (locally once and once remotely).

Unsure what to do now. Restart would feel like a huge waste of time. Anything I could do to investigate?

Most importantly, could process be doing something still and continue?

Actually, it was not hung inifinitely, and the process continued next day I checked. No idea what happened.

If you add a large amount of data within one run of restic backup, this experimental PR may be interesting for you:

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Very nice PR. I wish I had known about this earlier :wink: Thanks for the note.

I am running my restic in a packetized docker container (resticker) in a synology device that is loading the docker images from a registry. I am not sure how to get the custom build PR build to such a container.

My backup has now been running for 19 days. It says 80% done, but I think most of the new files are in the remaining portion, so it might still be running the same amount.

I just hope for no electricity cuts now :wink: If I find a way to put the PR-build to the docker runnable in Synology I will give it a go.

Just out of curiosity, did this PR or something like it end up in the 0.13.1 release?
I saw the changelog mentioning something like this.

No, this particular PR hasn’t been merged yet. It’s not part of v0.13.1 and yet needs to be merged in order to make it into a future release.