Restic notification email

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set up an email notification, would you have any idea of the setting up (I’m using docker for rest) ^^

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Hi welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Have you searched for email notification on here? There have been some threads already of people providing their scripts for this.

Hi @moritsdietz,

I admit, I plead guilty, I did not do a lot of research, I will follow your advice :slight_smile:

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Hello @mattmurdock78,

if you invoke restic from cron, the cron will send you the output of the command(s) by email.

So it can be that simple. And is actually what has served me well for a long time.

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Hi @zcalusic

Sorry, I am a professional noob, could you explain me more precisely, currently I use docker, so I have to add variables to configure my email? (I use an orchestrator rancher for this, I learn from day to day ^^)

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I’m afraid you very poorly explained what you want, and also details about your setup are uknown. If you expect specific help, you need to be more descriptive.

Let’s start from beggining:

  • by “trying to set up an email notification”, what do you expect, who/what should send you an email, when, and which information you expect in it?

Then, when we establish base expectations, we can proceed…

For example, I used the search term “email notification” in the forum and it came up with the following thread:

But if you search for “notification” only then it should also bring up some very related threads.
Please go through them first and if nothing matches what you are looking for we can try to help you find a solution. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, it’s true that I was vague about the current infrastructure in our company

We use an orchestrator: “rancher”. Allowing us to deploy stacks / docker services. So for the backup part, we use client rest installed on the web server and minio installed on the backup server. There is a crontab stack that launches the restic script every day at 2:00 am :slight_smile:

The idea is to have a mail notification each time the backup ends (or fails :))

Hoping to have been a little clearer :slight_smile:

Ok, great! Then there is a pretty good chance that the post I linked to will help you with that. :slight_smile: