Restic new version?

i am using restic now for quite some time. weekly backup of my NAS into cloud and daily backup my server with hourly and daily snapshots. it’s working very well.
i am on

./restic version
restic 0.12.1 compiled with go1.16.6 on linux/amd64

on github i can see many commits. are they important for daily use? when there will be a new version released?


I’m glad to see that you’re up to date on the restic version - some or perhaps even a lot of people still use 0.9.6 or similar, presumably most often because they are using a version of their operating system that doesn’t have a never version of restic in its package manager for that OS. So using 0.12.1 is great.

However, to answer your question about the commits in master I’d suggest that you can use the latest master build at just fine. It has a few improvements that aren’t critical but it sure doesn’t hurt to try them anyway. The next version of restic will be released when it’s ready.