Restic mount snapshot template

I can successfully mount a restic repo on an ubuntu 22 box. I have shared it out via SAMBA.

All works correctly.

However, the snapshots folder when accessed via SAMBA do not show the snapshot folders according to the snapshot template. The are listed correctly in linux though. I have tried the “snapshot template” parameter but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.


Further to this, when accessing snapshots from a windows box using SAMBA as above, in addition to the above issue, only folders are listed in windows explorer, no files are listed. The files are visible on the mountpoint on the linux box where the restic repo was mounted with restic mount.

As far as I remember, in the SAMBA config you have to specify a Linux user/group for each share. If you mount the restic repo with a different Linux user, SAMBA might have no file permissions on these files. That could be the reason why you don’t see the files on Windows.

Don’t think permissions is the problem. Mounted restic repo has owner root and group root for files and folder, and permissions of 777 for folders and 666 for files. To me the files should be visible over samba with those settings since the folders are…

How exactly have you mounted the repository? And which restic version are you using?

That very much sounds like a problem of the samba setup. How did you configure samba and how did you mount the restic repository.

This issue is fixed/closed. The --time-template parameter is necessary on the mount command (snapshot-template is deprecated) because the default time template value includes : and windows does not like : in the file name (the default time-template value should be changed in my opinion).

Samba problem is still an issue though

I’m not quite sure what problem you’re referring to.

How exactly have you mounted the repository? And which restic version are you using?

restic issue #4382 over at github