Restic latest version : unknown flag: --insecure-tls

Hi everyone,

On latest Restic version (0.12.1 and older), impossible to use the --insecure-tls flag to bypass certificat validation.

It is however indicated in the documentation :

      --insecure-tls               skip TLS certificate verification when connecting to the repo (insecure)

Use "restic [command] --help" for more information about a command

But impossible to use :

$ restic backup --insecure-tls
unknown flag: --insecure-tls
$ restic --insecure-tls
unknown flag: --insecure-tls

I looked on the forum, issue where else I did not find a similar topic … If someone has an idea, i’m am there :slight_smile:

That’s because you are looing at the latest version in that documentation site. Switch to the stable version and you’ll see that this option isn’t available in that version (stable represents the latest release which is 0.12.1, while latest represents the currently unreleased restic that is in the master branch on GitHub). This option will be available in the next stable release of restic.

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Oh, god. I hadn’t been paying attention. Indeed, it is logical.
Thanks for the answer and sorry for the inconvenience.